When this is done, we recommend you don't flippantly approve the Nose Rings markings without carefully examining the placement. You need to really look at them and make sure you're happy with where the piercing will sit before the incision is made. After-Care Like most lip piercings, snake bites are both external and oral piercings, so you have two types of aftercare instructions to follow to keep your piercing clean and healthy. Topically, it's important to keep the piercing clean with a saline rinse, fragrance-free soap, NOSE HOOPS RINGS or an alcohol-free wipe daily. Next, you'll want to be mindful of your diet, as certain foods can irritate the area. In that vein, swelling and pain is common among mouth piercings, and your speech may be a little unclear while your lips are swollen. As a result, it's best to stick to foods that are soft and cool in temperature and Wholesale Body Jewelry in "heat" (as in, avoid spicy foods).

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